Setmaster Braille booklet maker.

Braille book production has tended to be an operation carried out manually due to the problem of machines damaging the Braille dots. With the Setmaster collators suction feeding system Setmasters can guarantee zero damage to your Braille sheets, the clever part though is how to create a book from the collated sheets? Easy, put the Setmaster Braille bookletmaker on the end of the Setmaster Collator. With our unique folding operation we can fold up to a 128 page Braille book without flattening a single dot.

Another unique feature is that Setmasters have made the Setmaster speak. A talking collator? Yes. Many of the operators of the Setmaster Braille system are either blind or visually impaired meaning that the usual visual operator messages given by the machine are of no use. The Setmaster can actually speak to the operator and tell them where any problems are occurring on the machine, this can be done via speakers built onto the machine or using the Closed Loop Hearing System.

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