Compact Booklet Maker

Setmaster Compact Booklet Maker: stitch, fold and trim.

Setmaster Booklet Maker: Stitch, fold and trim

The Setmaster booklet maker manufactured by Setmasters, performs automatic functions including stitching, folding and single or three-knife trimming - all in one pass.

Available in B3, B2 and B1 sizes, our booklet maker is placed at right angles to the collator as a space saving feature, and uses specially designed systems for either manual or semi-automatic adjustments. And because it’s a Setmaster from Setmasters, we have made it so that it is quick and easy to use regularly giving you set up times below five minute and enabling you to make final adjustments without stopping the machine. Now that should give you a significant production advantage.

We make the Setmaster booklet maker so that it will run in-line with other makes of suction feed collating machines for you, because we appreciate that not everybody has invested in Setmaster collating machines in the past. But we’d be happy to talk to you about them too if you’re interested?

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