Custom Design Collator

Setmaster Custom Built Collator - built for collating all sorts of things.

Custom Built Collator

So you want something special? No problem.

Setmaster have always made special machines, collating all sorts of things, not just unusual paper based products such as unusual sizes and weights, abrasive papers, and wallpaper sample books, but also photograph albums, floor tiles, credit card laminates and pottery transfers. That’s because people who really know about these things, know that if you want to collate something, you want a Setmaster machine to do it and nothing else will do.

Here at Setmasters we are happy to carry on that tradition, building on and enhancing the high quality of our Setmaster range of machines, so just talk to us about any special requirements you have, you’ll find us friendly, positive and responsive. We like a challenge, so however unusual your requirement, if anyone can help you - we can!

It has to be a Setmaster - exclusively from Setmasters!

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