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Quite often there are other processes to take place after collating, sometimes it makes sense to do these in-line with the Setmaster collator. Setmasters have many years experience of linking the Setmaster with other processes and create a more streamlined and efficient process. Types of commonly linked machines are:

  • Shrink Wrapping

  • Poly Bagging

  • Overwrapping

  • Rollem Slipstream

  • Rilecart WireO

  • Renz WireO

  • Womako WireO

Don't worry if your application is not listed above, just give one of our application engineers a call to discuss the possibility of linking your machine to a Setmaster.

Ultra Sonic Welding

With a Setmaster ultrasonic welder, you can hold plastic sheets together after collating for a wide range of applications from keeping laminates of credit cards together to welding the centres of photograph album sheets.

Inline Stitching

On occasion you may need to stitch the job flat. The Setmaster collator can be fitted with an in-line unit that either stitches at the head of the job or at wherever you need it to be stitched. All this can be done before the job even leaves the collator.

Delivery Stacker

The standard jogger that comes with a Setmaster collator is great for short runs but when your jobs run into the tens of thousands then the best solution is the deep pile delivery unit. This unit as standard has a capacity of 800mm but we can build up to a 1200mm capacity unit.


Every Setmaster collator is equipped with vacuum miss sheet & mechanical double sheet as standard, however, we know that some clients like a little more security. The Setmasters' Setmaster can also be fitted with several other types of sheet error detection systems:

  • Infra Red Miss & Double Detectors
  • Ultra-Sonic Miss & Double Sheet Detectors
  • Barcode Scanning
  • 2D Data Matrix Scanners
  • Laser Sheet Orientation
  • Weigh Scale Bridge

We understand that you need to get the job out of the door safe in the knowledge that it is 100% right, we can provide the best detection system suited to your needs. We can also retro-fit the above systems to any Setmaster already in use.


If you want to glue in-line then the Setmaster collator can be fitted with a cold spot glue system, which is controlled via a separate control module. It is available across the whole range, making your machine even more efficient and productive. And because it’s a Setmaster machine by Setmasters, it is quick and easy to set up and operate too.

Crash Numbering

With the Setmaster crash numbering attachment, you can collate carbonless sets and then crash number the whole set to ensure that each sheet has the same number. And because it’s a Setmaster machine, made bySetmasters, it is quick and easy to set up and operate too.


Every Setmasters collator is fitted with a touch screen panel (HMI). Through this it is possible to equip the Setmaster with varying levels of programming functions, some of these are simply to make the operators job easier and others make more complex collating sequences possible;

  • Simple Ripple Start & Shutdown
  • Automatic Start & Shutdown
  • Multiple Feeding from any station
  • Insert Feeding from any station
  • Random feeding from any station
  • Automatic Feeding from external sources (digital printers, mailing solutions, JDF)

If your collating requirement needs a more sophisticated approach then give us a call, if we can't give you a solution then more than likely no one else can either!!

Other features of the HMI Unit;

  • Multi Lingual Screens
  • Full Colour
  • Job Statistics
  • Machine Running Speed
  • Save & Re-call your most frequent jobs

Criss Cross Jogger

Every Setmaster collator supplied by Setmasters comes with a standard jogger, however, many customers require some method of distinguishing each set from the next. The Setmaster criss cross jogger does this by simply rotating the table through a 15 degree motion, this can be seen in the video below. It is usual to want to do this on every cycle but on occassion some customers may need to control when the rotation happens, this can be done via the touch screen when ordered with any new Setmaster.

Deep Pile

Whilst the standard Setmaster collator is one of the most operator friendly machines available sometimes a run of a few thousand can seem pretty daunting for many operators. At Setmasters we offer the largest depth and range of feeding stations currently available; from 50mm up to a massive 1300mm we can ensure that you gain the best productivity from your collating process.

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