Setmaster collator with varying levels of programming functions.

Every Setmasters collator is fitted with a touch screen panel (HMI). Through this it is possible to equip the Setmaster with varying levels of programming functions, some of these are simply to make the operators job easier and others make more complex collating sequences possible;

  • Simple Ripple Start & Shutdown
  • Automatic Start & Shutdown
  • Multiple Feeding from any station
  • Insert Feeding from any station
  • Random feeding from any station
  • Automatic Feeding from external sources (digital printers, mailing solutions, JDF)

If your collating requirement needs a more sophisticated approach then give us a call, if we can't give you a solution then more than likely no one else can either!! Other features of the HMI Unit;

  • Multi Lingual Screens
  • Full Colour
  • Job Statistics
  • Machine Running Speed
  • Save & Re-call your most frequent jobs

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