Standard Collator

Setmaster Standard Collator.

Sizes from A5 to B1

If you want a collator, you've come to the best – Setmaster, manufactured by Setmasters.

Here at Setmasters, we offer the most comprehensive range of collators available to cover your every need, all you have to do is choose the maximum size you want to go to, anything from A5 to B1, and away you go. And to ensure accurate sheet separation, on any stock between 20g/m2 and 1000g/m2, we still use the most reliable and operator friendly feeding head and blow seperaing system used on every Setmaster for the past 30 years.


Sizes: A4/A5 | A3/A4 | B3/B4 | A2/A3 | B2/B3 | B1/B2

So you can have the capability of doubling the number of feeding stations in seconds, we've also included in the standard range of Setmaster collating machines our unique, 'Duplex' collator.

Now a 6 station A3 machine, for example, can be converted to 12 stations A4. Simply, quickly, and all without the use of tools.

In 2001 we took things a stage further...

Double Duplex - allows you to have even more versatility

Now that A3 6 station machine example can not only be converted to a 12 station SRA4 but also to a 24 station SRA5.

Conveyor Systems

Every Setmaster is available with a choice of two conveyor transport systems; Standard Reciprocating Stepped & Servo Driven Flat Bed

The reciprocating system, with it's unique jogging motion, works well on all materials and especially suits jobs where the sheets within a set vary in size. The flat bed system, is driven by a servo motor which allows us to fine tune the conveyor motion to suit your jobs.

The belts can move continuously or in an indexing motion either with a passive or jogging retaining belt that will keep the set in register whilst it travels along the conveyor bed. We can also make them move in the opposite direction, so you could have a bookletmaker at one end of the machine and a jogger at the other - this means you can change jobs at a touch of a button without physically having to move the machines around.

Another feature is the ability for the conveyor to double your production by simply moving double the distance every cycle. Simply loading the job two up and using the Double Index Mode increases your output, i.e; 2500 sets per hour in standard mode, in Double Index = 5000 sets per hour.

The Setmaster is the only collator currently available with this modern servo technology, therefore, making it one of the most advanced and flexible horizontal suction feed collators on the market

Optional Extras

Setmasters offer an extensive range of options to compliment the Setmaster Collator range:

  • Deep Pile Feeders
  • Criss Cross Joggers
  • Programming
  • Detector Systems
  • Spot Gluing
  • Delivery Stackers
  • In Line Stitching
  • Welding
  • Bi-Directional Conveyor
  • System Stacking Delivery Conveyor
  • Hand Feed Stations

To see more information on many of these options please go to our Optional Extras section.

Yet another benefit in buying Setmaster by Setmasters, is that every single one of our machines is equipped with miss- and double-sheet-detector systems, operational over the full range of stock the collator can handle.

So just call us and tell us how many stations you need, and choose from our extensive options list, and we will make you a collating machine that is versatile, accurate, very reliable and will handle your current and future collating production.

It has to be a Setmaster - exclusively from Setmasters!
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